Let's grow your audience...together
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ready to ditch the ad confusion + conversion drama?

Hi, I’m Tracy: Strategist, Coach & FB Ads Fairy Godmother. I help business owners grow their audiences with Facebook + Instagram Ads…no more DIYing yourself broke, friends.



Ready to get visible, grow your audiences & graduate Beyond the Boost {button}?

Ok, so here’s the thing: the Facebook™ Ads Platform can be a scary place. Pixels, algorithms, optimizations…oh my.

Let’s break through the confusion and uncertainty and talk about how we can use Ads for good; to get visible, to build authority, to grow our market-t0-able audiences. It’s time!


Getting Started with Facebook Ads…

choose your magic!


Around here, we’re NOT one size fits all.

  • Maybe you’re a super duper newbie beginner who’s never touched Ads Manager before.

  • Maybe you’ve boosted a post or two, but that’s about it.

  • Maybe you’re running a few campaigns here and there and are ready to go deeper, optimize your performance, and really get the most out of your ad spend.

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you. YOU.



Pull up a glass of bubbly…let’s chat.

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Real talk: I don’t want you to hire a FB/IG Ads Manager. Simply put: You’re not quite ready yet.

After 25+ years as a marketer for small businesses, corporate & nonprofit organizations, online entrepreneurs and everything in between, I’ve learned to focus my time & energy on the things that give my clients the biggest bang for their buck. Because who’s got time or dollars to waste?

Um…FB/IG Ads seem to waste a lot of time AND money, amiright?!

And aren’t you kinda sick of DIYing yourself broke & frustrated?

I’d like to propose a different path: Do Your Own…but NOT alone.

But first, let me say something a bit controversial: I don’t think FB Ads are best “learned” via an online course. Courses are fine for static subjects that don’t change too much. Meaning, you learn a strategy and can implement it easily by following a check list or set of step-by-step instructions. Easy peasy.

With FB/IG Ads, things change ALL. THE. TIME.

How many courses have you taken that have a little FB Ads module tossed in? And how many times have those trainings been woefully out of date? The problem isn’t with the course creators - they’re doing their best! But, reality check:

FB Ads training goes bad faster than discount lettuce. Yep.

How many times have you said…um, these screens don’t look like the ones in the training module.

This is why I coach instead. Live screens and an always updated How-To Library for you to reference. That’s it. We just get in there and do the dang thing.

Another reality? The ol’ adage about “staying ONLY in your zone of genius” just doesn’t work with FB Ads. But, before you fork out thousands of dollars to retain a professional Ads Manager (expect to pay $1200-1500 per month BEFORE ad spend…or more), I want YOU to learn how to navigate this critical piece of your business first.

And you can! With coaching & support from me.

My friend, I’ve got you.

Find me at home in New Orleans, enjoying bourbon, rosé & bubbles, days off in the French Quarter, and hanging out with my fella & our two big puppies, Roux and Radar (currently 135lbs. combined…and growing).